This is just a brief overview of the tremendous opportunity available with CNS CORPORATION. CNS Corporation is a holding company which owns Ozark National Life Insurance Company, a Missouri based life insurance company, and N.I.S. Financial Services, Inc., a securities broker/dealer. Through these companies, we offer a unique investment and retirement program which combines life insurance and mutual funds: THE BALANCED PROGRAM®.

Not only is The Balanced Program® unique, so is our marketing initiative! Prospective clients are invited to a delicious complimentary meal at a local restaurant within a reasonable driving distance. There, they are shown a short slide presentation highlighting our fine program. At the seminar, an appointment is made to visit with the prospective clients in their home where the ownership process is completed.

This page is somewhat different from our usual recruitment presentation. Although this career opportunity is usually discussed with clients who have owned The Balanced Program® for sometime, we occasionally have the good fortune to meet with potential career candidates - such as you - simply because they are interested in earning more than "just a living." We are attempting to highlight the opportunities and responsibilities that become yours if you are willing to devote the time, effort, and attitude to become totally involved mentally and emotionally in this business. Of course, there are many aspects regarding our industry that you will learn over the next several weeks while you and your family are considering a career with us. All of your questions will be answered fully.

Representatives associated with CNS Corporation are constantly searching for promising individuals receptive to the idea of a career opportunity in the field of insurance and investments. It is our desire to empower people who wish to make a full-time commitment to helping families become financially independent. At the same time, you will be building a career and income commensurate with your professional activity.

Let me explain the procedure by which you become licensed as a REGISTERED REPRESENTATIVE/ AGENT: A standard employment application must be completed and fingerprints must be taken for the securities check. A fee of $825.00, which should be viewed as an investment in your future, is required for training costs and licensing examinations.

After the fee is paid, you will receive study material that will cover the examinations you are required to pass to become fully licensed. After thoroughly studying this material, you should be adequately prepared to take the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 6 examination (Federal Securities), and subsequently, the FINRA Series 63 examination (State Securities). You will also need to prepare for, and pass, the State Insurance examination - Life and Health.

It is important that a career candidate not take these examinations lightly. The FINRA examinations are fairly difficult and require diligent study and concentration. All tests are multiple choice questions and require a grade of 70% to pass.

Upon your successful completion of the licensing examinations, you will be required to attend Merchandising School at our Home Office in Kansas City, Missouri. Although you will be responsible for the transportation expenses to and from Kansas City, the Company will cover the cost of your meals and lodging while there.

At Merchandising School, you will participate in three days of classroom work. Due to the amount of work required in this school, it is suggested that your spouse remain at home.

We don't have room here to cover the exciting product that lies before you...The Balanced Program®. Words cannot adequately express the tremendous opportunity you can enjoy from our business. You can be responsible for assisting families with insurance and retirement planning, providing an immediate estate for a spouse in the event of premature death, or providing a guaranteed completion of The Balanced Program® in the event of total disability. At the same time you could be working closer to turning your American Dream into reality.

THE DECISION IS YOURS! This is an opportunity to become associated with an organization that is moving with incredible strides into the pages of insurance investment history!

After you have considered our program as a profession, please call us to discuss questions that you and your family have concerning the opportunity that has been outlined. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Life insurance provided by Ozark National Life Insurance Co.*
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Mutual funds offered through N.I.S. Financial Services, Inc.*
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*Subsidiaries of CNS Corporation