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CNS Corporation is the holding company which owns Ozark National Life Insurance Company, a Missouri based life insurance company, and N.I.S. Financial Services, a securities broker/dealer. Representatives associated with CNS Corporation are constantly searching for promising individuals receptive to the idea of a career opportunity in the field of insurance and investments. Why work for Ozark National Life? To build a successful and fulfilled career in the insurance industry offering a unique investment and retirement program which combines life insurance and mutual funds: The Balanced Program®.

When you love what you do and the people you work with... can you really call it work? Ozark has been that place for me for 28 years. I thank God every day for Charlie Sharpe and his idea to create Ozark and The Balanced Program®.”
— Glenn P.

By making this commitment you will build your career in insurance and investments with an income commensurate with your professional practices. By devoting your time, effort, and attitude you will learn to be capable to assist families with insurance, investments, providing an immediate estate for a spouse in the event of premature death, or even providing guaranteed completion of The Balanced Program® in the event of total disability. You’ll just be one step closer to turning your American Dream into reality.

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    We are Committed to Protecting Your Privacy. We consider the privacy of our customers or former customers to be a matter of the utmost concern. While the information we collect about you is necessary to provide you with superior products and service, we are dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information we have. Unlike some other companies, we do not sell or rent the information you have entrusted
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Mutual funds are Investment Products

Life insurance provided by Ozark National Life Insurance Co.*
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Mutual funds offered through N.I.S. Financial Services, Inc.*
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*Subsidiaries of CNS Corporation