About the Balanced Program

Ozark National Life Insurance Company was founded in 1964. By 1970 we began to market a new product - The Balanced Program®. At that time, we were convinced then that The Balanced Program® would revolutionize the life insurance industry. We are even more convinced of that today. By combining a mutual fund investment with the coverage of a life insurance policy, The Balanced Program® provides the potential for growth and protection which neither product could provide alone.

The Balanced Program® is designed to provide for your future in the event of a long life, a premature death or a disability. Through a correlated purchase of life insurance and mutual fund shares, The Balanced Program® can provide you with the guarantees of a life insurance policy as well as the potential for growth through periodic investments in a mutual fund.

In the event of a long life, the life insurance policy accumulates cash values which are guaranteed. Additionally, potential growth is made possible through periodic investments in your mutual funds. Your mutual funds can be set up as conventional, tax-deferred, or free from federal and state income taxes (with a Roth IRA).

If you become disabled while covered by The Balanced Program®, the insurance protection will complete the investment. In other words, the life insurance component will ensure that your intended investments are made, even if you become unable to work because of disability.

Likewise, if you die, Ozark National Life will pay your designated beneficiaries a death benefit which is designed to allow the immediate purchase of mutual funds to complete the investment portion of the program.

I hope that after reviewing this site, you will be as excited about The Balanced Program® as we are.

  • Mutual funds are Investment Products

  • Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results. Mutual Fund Shares are subject to market risks. Their returns and principal values will vary, and shares may be worth more or less at redemption than their original purchase price. Before investing, consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Contact your N.I.S. Financial Services advisor at (816) 842-8685 for a prospectus or summary prospectus containing this information. Please read it carefully.

  • Not FDIC insuredMay lose valueNo bank guarantee

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