Ozark is open for business.


Ozark National Life remains committed to ensuring our customers get the service they expect, maintain the coverages they need and that we process all claims for all products in a timely manner. We are working with our customers in affected markets to promptly address their questions on coverage, claims, and treatment. This is being done on a local level to observe all regulations, adhere to insurance policy terms, and ensure our customers can easily and quickly engage with us as necessary.


Claims Processing will continue to timely process your claims


Ozark is prepared to handle a shift to a remote workforce, if needed. Our employees are equipped to work remotely and securely. The Ozark claims teams are cross-trained and can be deployed in areas of the business with the greatest need. So, if a pandemic event results in increased claims activity across some of our products, we can adjust accordingly and handle any spikes in volume.


Please know that each claim received will be reviewed consistent with policy terms and applicable insurance law.


·        Life Insurance: For our term and whole life products, there are no policy limitations that would limit a claim payment resulting from COVID-19, provided the individual met all other policy requirements.


·        Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D): AD&D policies do not cover diseases. Therefore, death due to COVID-19 is excluded, as are all deaths caused by disease.


·        Cancer Insurance: Because COVID-19 is not a listed “covered condition” it would not be covered under any of our cancer product versions.


·        Disability Insurance: There are no policy limitations that would apply for COVID-19. Ozark will evaluate each claim in accordance with the terms of the policy and use claim processes already in place for disability claims.



What if I can't pay my premiums?


The COVID-19 situation may make it difficult for you to pay your premiums. If this applies to you, we need to hear from you. But here are a few reminders which may help. If you’re having difficulty making your premium payments:


·        All of Ozark's life insurance products have a 31 day grace period. This means that we cannot terminate your coverage until your premium payments are 31 days overdue.


·        Many of our whole life products (including our Balanced Programs) may have non-forfeiture options, including the provision to pay premiums from your accumulated cash value (if any). Please call our Customer Service Department or your Ozark agent to find out if this applies to your policy.


·        Premium payments may be made over the phone, via recurring electronic funds transfer, or by check.


·        In an effort to better assist our clients Ozark is waiving the $5 fee for payments made over the phone until April 30.


·        You may have other options available to you to help you keep your policy.  If you have questions about these options please call our Customer Service Department or your Ozark agent to find out.


Ozark is required to follow state regulations and directives regarding premium payments. During the COVID-19 event, some States Insurance Departments and Divisions are requesting an extension of the contractual grace periods on life insurance policies. Ozark is happy to do so -- and will -- as permitted by law. If you have questions about this, please check with your State Insurance Department.


You’re focused on health and well-being – for your family, your friends and yourselves. So are we. We want you to know that we’re here for you and operationally prepared to handle all customer questions and service all claims in a timely manner.